It is the workplace policy of SCADD that as of February 2, 2024 we have been recognized as a Recovery Friendly Workplace by the State of Connecticut.

Certain employees may be eligible for a leave of absence under the Family and Medical Leave Act or eligible for up to 40 hours of leave under the Paid Sick Leave law. Please contact human resources or the Connecticut Department of Labor for questions related to specific eligibility.

Our commitment to this Recovery Friendly Employer Policy recognizes that in addition to providing a substance free work environment, we must also provide a stigma free recovery friendly environment which encourages the following:

1. We recognize that drug and alcohol addiction is a disease to be treated the same as any other medical condition an employee may suffer from.

2. We encourage employees who are struggling to maintain sobriety while at work to reach out to fellow employees, supervisors and managers for assistance, and to voluntarily participate in the employer’s Employee Assistance Policy (“EAP”) if available.

3. We recognize that employees are most productive, effective and efficient when they work in an environment which is supportive of individuals and families who are affected by substance abuse. We will provide all accommodations allowed under state and federal law for individuals and families affected by substance abuse.

4. We are committed to providing our employees with the tools necessary to achieve recovery and will provide our employees with connections to services directly or indirectly which will help them to achieve and or maintain their sobriety and promote abstinence from substance misuse.

5. We are committed to providing our employees initial and on-going education and training information on the cause and effect of substance use disorders.

6. We are committed to hiring and maintaining employment opportunities for individuals who are or have been affected by substance abuse, seek treatment and maintain a history of recovery and sobriety.